All About Beki

So…what’s this all about?

One of my favorite quotes says, “Your limitations, both physical and mental, are based on the programs that you and the outside world give to your subconscious mind.  When you take charge and decide what will and will not affect you, you’ll regain your power and you’ll begin to tap into your true potential.” (Marshall Sylver)

That’s what this is all about…helping you realize that you deserve better and are better than what you’re allowing yourself to be.  There is an excellent you who lives the life of your dreams and is completely fulfilled – do you have the courage to take charge and become a better you?

The more you improve, the more everything around you improves.  Want the best in your life?  Be the best you.

Why I do what I do…

My little lady

I created this blog because I have a passion to build a better me.  I want to live up to my potential and I want to help others live up to theirs as well.  You get one shot at life – don’t waste it.  Be the best you it’s possible to be and achieve all you’re capable of achieving.  I will challenge you to never settle for second best because you deserve so much more.

I’m excited about being an example of a strong capable woman for my daughter and that’s the real basis for why I do what I do.  The best way to help my kids be successful is to model success for them.

School of hard knocks…

I didn’t have a picture perfect life.  I come from a family that survived just above the poverty line and that taught me the power of tenacity.  Life is yours for the taking as long as you go after it with all that you have and don’t give up until you succeed.  The question is not whether you will succeed – the question is do you have what it takes to keep going until you do?


Finding my way…

I found my perfect partner and gave birth to my wonderful daughter but my original plans for my life just didn’t fit me anymore.  I was tired of other people telling me when I had a job and what I was worth.  I looked into several opportunities before I decided to go into business for myself.  My husband is a Marine so I really needed a portable career.

I found the network marketing industry and it clicked.   This industry just epitomizes the American Dream for me – if you work hard enough, you will be successful.

What can I say….I fell in love!  I floundered around trying to figure out how things worked – found Jim Rohn, J. Earl Shoaff, and Napolean Hill who all said the same basic thing which is best summed up in a Jim Rohn quote – success is something you attract by the person you become.

My passion is to become that person and to help other people become that person.  Part of becoming that person for me is to improve in all areas of my life – not just in my business.  I think the success principles are pretty universal and can be applied to one’s relationships and health as well as to one’s business.

That being said…a little more about me…

I’m very passionate about positive parenting, clean eating, physique transformation and investing in my marriage.


I’m also a “Stillers” fan (Steelers for those who are not familiar with Pittsburghese) and enjoy watching MMA with my husband.  We’re both admitted foodies and are looking forward to being able to travel the world just to eat at the amazing restaurants.  We’ve got an amazing daughter and a dog that thinks he’s our son.

As the quote says, “Only the foolish know everything.  The wise know how little they know.” – Unknown

Your sole limitation is that of your mind’s creation.  Only you can stop you from succeeding.

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